Home insurance fraud can be crazy

Arizona home insurance quotesThere is a reason that premiums are high, something you might notice when you look around for cheap Arizona home insurance quotes from https://arizona-insurance.website/arizona-home-insurance-quotes/. It’s because fraudulent claims cost so much. Some sources say that consumers could pay as much as $700 more for an annual policy so that insurers can recover the cost of fake claims.

Insurance fraud is illegal but it is also easy to carry off. Lose your wedding ring set? Who knows if that’s true? Only if the insurer investigates will the be able to know, and then not always. Carriers do investigate for big-ticket items, and that is how we know about fake claims: the criminal is caught. Sometimes, they are exposed on national TV.

Some of the stories are seriously crazy. An individual had a clever plan to scam fur storage businesses and pocket their claim money.  She would take a pricey coat to a storage place, store it for a few years and then show up to claim it. There, she would say that the fur coat was not hers and that the shop had substituted a cheaper one.   She was caught, simply because she’d had her name stitched into the coat. That proved it was her coat, after all. She wasn’t too smart.

Some people will do anything for money, even cut off their toes or fingers to take advantage of dismemberment insurance. It isn’t a particularly sane form of fraud but it not unusual.  Carriers also get claims for fires set by owners of a building or house. They pretend it’s an accidental fire in the hope of making money on the claim. But arson investigators often are smarter than the crooks.

Some people are pros at fake slips and falls.  Be sure you have cleaned up any slip and fall hazards at your house to avoid giving any opportunity for a claim.

In one state a crook dug up a corpse. He dressed it up in his own clothes, sat it in his car and set the car on fire. In cahoots with his wife, she filed a claim on him. But the Texas authorities were too savvy to be fooled.

Unscrupulous shop owners can report theft that never happened. If they haven’t turned off their security cameras, they are usually caught.

If you are tempted to pull of the greatest claims scam ever, think again. Carriers investigate and you never know when a camera might be aimed at you.